My first blog input about relationship life: Couple Problems in Bedroom

It is a common question with few answers in the field, which has led to breakups and daily quarrels just to mention. Many relationships are inevitably facing the agony of miserable life between the sheets. These problems range from physical, mental, emotional and psychological ones too. They can also be as a result of illness or a natural occurrence like loss of desire by a woman after giving birth. However, this in some way is just but a life aspect of a large percentage of couples that can be overcome in one way or the other. It is notably a matter of knowing and understanding each others feelings that determine how to go about solving most of the couple problems in bedroom. In this article you will get through some of the problems experienced by couples between the sheets and some remedies that may help overcome them.

Here are the most common problems couple’s encounters in bed:

· Medical illness of either partner

Medical treatment of a chronic disease and other diseases may bring in health related sexual problems. The medical illness in some way brings the effect of shift focusing and lowering the sexual desire. This problem of low desire may really affect the mind, body and relationship and its remedy lies on the process since a successful treatment leads to recovery from the agony.

· Sexual desire mismatch

It is incredibly common among many partners. This is a situation where one partner needs more or less sex than the other partner. However, this is normal a situation where one’s libido may be higher than the other partner’s. t1larg-mismatched-tsEvidently, it is a common problem and there is nothing much to worry about since its causes and remedies are right at our disposal. The problem may be due to environmental, physical and emotional factors like anger, search of a new job or environmental changes and can likely be solved by avoiding the so named factors.

· Painful sex

Ever experienced this? It may not be termed as a sexual dysfunction for most couples since the pain experienced during sex is landscape-1445723276-g-painful-intercourse-57435357a result of pain disorder or the generally physical and muscular problems. It may also be associated with sexual abuse or emotional states such as anxiety and depression. This can however be reduced by understanding the physical cause of pain in the genitals and often solved with some medical lubricant .

· Erectile dysfunction

This, according to statistics has an upper rank among the most common of the problems experienced between the sheets. The common cause of this problem for most of the men is anxiety. erectile-dysfunction-faucet1It may also be caused by medical problems or an earlier trauma. If you are a man in a relationship, overcoming this problem is just like having a cup of tea since it can be done stepwise by taking touching exercises often to increase the connection between you and your partner. If you have no partner however, you should not lose hope since there is a remedy though it may sound challenging. It is advisable to shift focus while you are having sex, about whether you will have difficulties plus you can take exercises to do when masturbating to boost your confidence about your ability to regain erection.

· Emotional intimacy

This is one factor that influences the presence or absence of joy between the sheets for most couples.emotional-intimacy It is commonly due to the fact that couples tend to be image-driven and lack the aspect of physical relaxation, hence losing the sexual connection. Learning to be in tune with your partner’s body, however, plus taking enough time together without a scripted agenda may be a recommendable remedy for this problem.

· Addiction to sex

This may in other words be termed as the compulsive behavior of having sex. It is usually experienced in different levels ranging from mild to severe. klein_2The factors that may lead to the problem are among the misuse of drugs, conflicts and poor stress control. These may be overcome by undergoing training and taking control of drug and substance abuse and also relationship counseling. Blow job simulation may also be recommended for males if there is a fall of desire from a woman.

In conclusion, the above are among the most commonly experienced problems in bed by most couples. However, it is reasonable to gather back your joy for a better life in bed since all of them have remedies that can help by far to improve different situations.